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Ragazzone 2021


2016 Ragazzone, Gold Medal Winner at the 2015 Le Concours Des Vins Des Victoria!

Amarone wines are famous in Italy and around the world for their distinctive style and flavour.

Ragazzone in Italian is what came to mind when pondering this wine. What would have been subtle flavours have been concentrated, developed and grown by the winemaking process.

This wine was produced by selectively cutting the fruit bearing shoots of the vine. The mild day temperatures and gentle breezes of Autumn allow a natural drying of the grapes to take place. The subtle loss of moisture results in a concentration of colour and flavour components and of sugars. The increased intensity of flavour and colour is evident whilst the higher sugar levels result in higher alcohol.

This is a dry wine. The palate is generous, rich and full. The flavours and texture have been intensified by the winemaking process. At bottling it shows chocolate, bramble berries and canned cherries.

I am proud of this wine; it is a tribute to my winemaking heritage Winemaker Guido Vazzoler


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Tasting Notes:

  • This wine is all about texture
  • The mouthfeel is juicy with velvet-like tannins. It is rich and round with tons of ripe fruits
  • It is suited to powerful flavours; parmesan cheese, prosciutto, melanzane and osso bucco are some
  • Don't rush your experience tasting and drinking Ragazzone; it deserves your full attention
  • This wine will surprise you
  • "I guarantee you won't have tried a wine like this" - Winemaker Guido Vazzoler

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Weight 1.292 kg
Dimensions 8.6 × 8.6 × 29.5 cm

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